Genf20 Plus HGH Booster

Genf20 PlusIf you were to ‘google’ HGH supplements you will no doubt be faced with a massive list of products all claiming to be the best, most effective, safest, powerful HGH booster available….. One product that you will no doubt come across in your search is Genf20 Plus.. a natural and 100% safe and legal HGH boosting product made by US based Leading Edge Health.

The Formula In Genf20 Plus

The ingredients are key to a products effectiveness and Genf20 does not disappoint.. Each component ingredient in the formula has solid clinical evidence behind it that confirms its role in regenerating and boosting natural HGH production

Each Dose Includes

L-Arginine – helps to improve blood flow through the body, improving heart health, boosting sexual function and enhancing concentration/focus

L-Glutamine – Boosts brain function, improves energy levels and performance. One of the most common amino acids, it is also crucial for enhanced muscle tone and strength.. Other benefits include its ability to help control blood sugar levels – crucial for avoiding diabetes and other blood sugar issues

L-Glycine – Essential for building and retaining muscle mass and strength… it is also credited for its ability to help control brain and metabolic disorders

Colostrum – A blend of vitamins and amino acids that help to improve and speed the body’s response to injury (healing), boosts the immune system, vitality and muscle mass… a very good all round anti ageing ingredient

Anterior Pituitary Powder – boosts the immune system, increases overall energy levels and also helps to detoxify the body – essential for smoother skin and good overall health.

The formula in Genf20 helps to stimulate the pituitary gland (the source of HGH in our body) with increased levels we will start to feel fitter, younger, healthier and energised.

Other ingredients include:

Deer Velvet Antler

Directions For Use

Take 2 capsules twice a day and up to 6 sprays under the tongue as required..

Where To Buy Genf20 Plus

Currently you can only get genuine Genf20 Plus direct from the manufacturers official website – you can order securely online, or if you prefer by phone, fax or mail.

Cash Back Guarantee

Genf20 Plus is sold with a no quibble, no risk 60 days cash back guarantee.. if it doesn’t work for you after using for 60 days, simply return empty boxes for a full refund (less any shipping costs)

Our Thoughts

Genf20 Plus has been at the leading edge of HGH boosters for a considerable time.. it’s a product that has proved itself to be highly effective… its endorsed by countless medical experts, and with a 60 day cash back guarantee.. quite simply you have nothing to lose.